Turn your data to process intelligence.

About the Study.

Trimoteq is testing a new Process Mining service on the market. We give a limited number of businesses a introduction process mining studies of a business process of choice.

During the study we

  • collaborate with your company domain experts,
  • use data from your IT systems,
  • do process mining analysis,
  • make a report that answers business questions.

This is a good opportunity to see how Process Mining can improve your business.

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New Insights.

Expect new insights, because the most available and most detailed process data is used in the study.

Process Mining gives insights on:

  • the process that people really follow,
  • the process bottlenecks and variations,
  • the process lead times, volumes, and other process KPIs,
  • the root causes for problemantic KPI's,
  • where people (or machines) deviate from the expected or desired/ideal process,
  • why certain types of work orders take so long,
  • early indicators that predict problems (delay, deviation, risk, etc.),
  • forbidden, suspicious or fraudulent actions,
  • what process inefficiencies actually costs.


Evidence based insights are used to improve processes and organisations.

  • to increase customer and employee satisfaction,
  • to lower the costs to provide products and services,
  • to improve employee productivity, skills and knowledge,
  • to increase overall productivity,
  • to reduce processing times,
  • to increase troughput,
  • to standardize internal or outsourced processes,
  • to improve regulatory compliance.

What happens during a study?

Your domain experts and our data scientists collaborate as a team to analyse a business process of choice.

Project Definition

The team defines the study scope, the process to be examined and the business questions that need to be answered.

Data Preparation

We extract eventlogs from IT systems (in collaboration with your IT specialists) and prepare the data for analysis.

Data Analysis

We use analytic software and methods to create valuable new insights from the event log.


Get a report with the findings, including explantion of the research methodology. The report also contains recommendations for action by the domain experts and our team.

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